We specialise in all aspects of UK immigration, nationality and asylum law



The laws concerning migration to the United Kingdom have all too often been accused of being complex and difficult to untangle. No matter how complicated or convoluted, and whatever the purpose of your migration, whether it is to enter, or to settle, start a business, or to study, settle with a partner, or bring a family member, Regal Law Solicitors are here to help you. We aim to provide a supportive, straight forward and cost effective service. We have a proven track record of successful applications and appeals.





We know your primary consideration when instructing a solicitor is the cost and funding of your matter. We pride ourselves on the fact that we operate our billing process in an open and transparent manner, and want to work with you and address your concerns from the outset.

The Government provides funding for legal services in the form of legal aid. This is awarded to candidates based on their financial situation and other circumstances. Whilst we do not have a franchise to deal with Legal Aid cases, we will advise you if we think you may be eligible for public funding and refer you to a firm which offers Legal Aid.


Free initial advice

In most cases we can offer free initial advice at no charge. Unfortunately it is not always possible to offer this service as it is subject to the availability of the legal advisor. Therefore when arranging an appointment for free advice please make sure you confirm that it is at no charge.



The SRA Transparency Rules require us to provide costs in relation to certain types of immigration services.

Please see our fee guide to obtain more information and indicative costs associated with our immigration services (excluding Asylum)

Please note that all costs are indicative only and are associated with specific immigration services. For details of our full fees please contact us on 020 8553 4420 or using our online form